Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Project: Tin Can Caddy

A great recycling project to use up your odds-n-ends of scrapbook supplies. Done in as quick-as-a-wink (A wonderful craft project for children!) as well.

List of needed supplies

  • 3 recycled tin cans- washed/ dried & labels removed
  • 3 types of misc. colored co-ordinated ribbon
  • 3 sheets of color co-ordinated scrapbook, wrapping, or printed paper
  • 1 yd. galvanized wire
  • Spray adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Needle nose pliers/wire cutter
  • Nail & hammer or electric drill

Picture of supplies

Put 4 holes in each can (two over two, like a button) using either the nail & hammer or electric drill.

Measure & cut each paper to fit around can.

Spray adhesive on back of paper strips.

wrap paper around cans

Connect the three cans together, using wire through the bottom holes
twist with pliers to tighten & push end down

To make loop handle: connect the three cans together
using wire through the top holes (wire needs to be 3x as long as bottom hole wire).
With excess wire, loop into a handle and twist bottom. (see Photo)

Measure three strands of ribbon to go around each can with some overlap.
spray adhesive onto ribbon. wrap ribbon around cans ( we did 2 ribbons on top, 1 on the bottom).

Take three more strands of ribbon & tie a knot using all three base of loop handle.

Fill with silverware & enjoy!

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