Friday, February 20, 2009


I know it is a little late, but here are some gift baskets I made for the children. I made them out of Progresso Soup cans.The Candy I got at Walgreen's with my coupons! I got a great such a great deal on the Starbucks candy for Noah and Chloe.


ehl-i keyf said...

hi,i liked your crafts especially home,cat and heart very much. and i saw the things tahat you do on Amy's wall.I liked them & I m just looking for the objects like that. So I wonder if I order do you send me crafts? I live in Turkey-Bursa.

The Happy Chappys said...

Dear Sena,
We would love to do business with you!
E-mail us at
or go to our etsy store.
There is a link to our etsy store on the side bar of the blog.

Thank You!

Phil Chapman
Berries in the Meadow