Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Here is the newest stuff to my Dad's happy collection!
The new shapes and items are so neat I thought you would enjoy seeing them.
Hope you enjoy them as much as did making them!

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Anonymous said...

PHIL!!! I was just thinking about you and your family so I did a Google and HERE YOU ARE!! SUCH WONDERFUL NEW STUFF! I am SOOO happy for you - your little girl that was just a little tiny baby at the Market Square Show a few years ago is now a growing little girl and you have added some sweet little additions to your family! I cannot believe your daughter son will next year and it is amazing how they have all grown up...all of our show kids are now in their own businesses or going off to college! I don't do the shows anymore and now I only sell on Ebay but I had to stop and say HI and wish you and your family a very happy summer and autumn coming up - you all take care! Miss you guys and the shows but someday I will be back to visit! Many Blessings! Sandy Hines