Monday, February 28, 2011

Letters Inspiration

While I was spending a cozy afternoon blogging, I came across this picture below, of this wall of letters. How inspiring! They are all different sizes, fonts, styles, and colors.
But it is still makes whole cohesive statement.
After downloading this picture I went on to Pottery Barn and Etsy to find some letters that would fit in. Some of my favorites I posted below.
But I also found that I made a piece that was on the same idea, except my is smaller and all on one board. I hope you find my ramblings as inspiring as they were for me.

This picture I found on The Nesting Place

These Great metal letters are from PBTeen by Pottery Barn

These are from an Etsy store called sERINa's Custom Shop

I thought these were really cool, moss letters for your garden!
These are also from Pottery Barn

These were my interpretations check them out at my Etsy store

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