Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inspired Ideas

As I told you before, right now I am enrolled in Blogging Your Way e-class by
Holly Becker of Decor8.Our homework this week was to feature one of ten ideas that
we talked about.I choose to highlight a magazine.I immediately thought of my friend Amy Powers,and her magazine Inspired Ideas. A few years ago my Dad was featured in the magazine as an Inspired Friend.I love this magazine as it combines fresh ideas, new artists,whimsical layouts,and vintage finds.In this mostrecent issue, Amy had Mary Engelbreit as one of her artist profiles.
I was so glad to see her since I was a big fan of her late magazine,
Home Companion.
Also there are some wonderful projects.They are not difficult and have great results. Amy includes all the patterns for the projects in appendix in the back of the magazine.
The magazine is $3.30 for the online version or $38.70 for a printed one.
It includes 117+ pages full of inspiration,projects,a
nd artist that will brighten your day.
Please check out Amy's wonderful blog,to read more about her and her magazine.

I want to say a big Thank You to Amy for let
ting me blog about her and her magazine.

Below are some pictures of the latest issue of Inspired Ideas and the pages from when my Dad was featured.


Kristyne said...

Amy is your friend?! Lucky duck. I've admired her since her 39 day sampler last year. She really is inspiring :)

The Happy Chappys said...

Yes Amy has been a real help to me.I really appreciate her!